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Queer as Funk offers a full service wedding package. Whatever you need, from a ceremony soloist, to a jazz trio, from sound production, to the dance band that will get everyone on the floor, we have it all.

Thank you Queer as Funk for preforming at our wedding. You were so incredible to work with and your band was unreal. It truly exceeded all expectations. It felt like we were at a concert, not a standard wedding and we loved that.

We also had a venue change and Alison made me feel at ease with no issues with our change! All communication was so professional and quick - probably the easiest part of planning our wedding! Reuben also kindly played our music from their professional sound system throughout our cocktail hour/dinner and adjusted everything to make it sound great.

If getting married again was a thing, we'd do it with Queer as Funk.

Holly & Dylan

Best experience ever! 
If you need an incredible band to set the mood for your incredible party or wedding, you CAN'T go wrong with Queer as Funk. Having them perform at our wedding was amazing and I can't picture the day without them! They are all phenomenal musicians on their own, and together they're mind-blowing! Book them if you can!!

Janelle & Patricia

These guys ROCKED our wedding. Not only were they TOTAL pros, handling the delays and unexpected turns required of a big party, but they were sooooo nice and accommodating of our every request. They played requests, and even learned a tune for the occasion. They played a great Hava Nagila for a big Hora dance, were super nice to our guests, and gave a great show that kept us all dancing right till the end of the party.

Danny & Nina

Working with Alison from Railtown was a dream. From the moment I first reached out for some information to making the booking itself, it was a seamless process. Alison was super quick to respond, answered all my questions and worked directly with us through some date changes. My husband and I are huge fans of Queer As Funk and even bigger fans now that we have had such a positive experience. We will definitely book these folks again to upgrade future celebrations and absolutely recommend you do too!

Rian & Roger

Hiring Queer As Funk for the after party to our wedding was the best decision we made (after choosing each other, of course). We live on a small island and invited the whole community to join the party. Months later, everyone is still raving about it and asking when the band is coming back. People were up and dancing from the moment Queer As Funk took the stage until DJ Slade closed out the night. Alison was amazing to work with and the band totally rocked it. We’d hire them again in a heartbeat! Queer As Funk was the perfect way to celebrate our queer love, marriage and community.

Anne-Marie & Deb

Queer as Funk played spectacularly at my recent 70-th birthday bash, organized by my wife. We cannot adequately describe the energetic mood that this band offers up with every single number! Each of them is an accomplished. professional musician and together they create a memorable event. Guests have been calling us ever since to say how impressed they were with the music that kept them on the dance floor through two full sets - right from the beginning of the evening. Can’t wait to see them again.

Clark & Robin

QUEER AS FUNK is by far the best "SHOW BAND" performing today!!
They performed for us on Galiano Island last June and made the wedding celebration a rocking great time for everyone. Quite simply they are fabulous!


Incredibly talented, fun, unique band and GREAT at throwing a party!
My wife and I are SO happy with our decision to hire Queer as Funk for our wedding reception. What a blast it was. They played songs for all generations and are extremely talented. They are also interactive and fun - real crowd pleasers. Alison was incredibly helpful and responsive before the event as well, and even met us for coffee to chat about exactly what we wanted from them. We couldn't be happier and can't wait to see them again when they are playing next near us!

Halley & Angie

They are amazing. The dance floor was full and hopping all night long. I have had many of our guests come up to us at and after the wedding to say how great the band was. They were a joy to deal with as well. If you want a great band for your wedding, HIRE THEM!!!!!!!

Mike & Conor

I can’t even begin to tell you how wonderful, amazing and so so so much fun this band brings to the table!! 
Don’t hesitate, don’t deliberate, just do it. Next to marrying the person you love this will be the next best decision ever made!!  This group of fabulous people know their stuff, they put their heart and soul into their performances and your family and friends will talk about YOUR wedding for a long long time!!

Kristen & Leigh

We hired Queer as Funk to play at our wedding in August of 2018 and we can not say enough good things about them. They truly made our wedding an amazing experience and our guests are still talking about them months later. They were a pleasure to deal with, responded quickly to all of our emails and addressed any questions promptly and professionally. They were, without a doubt, the highlight and our favourite part of our wedding and we can't recommend them highly enough.

Kim & Aviva

Queer as Funk was AMAZING! The number 1 response from our guests was, "That band was the best!" Everyone danced and sang along and had the greatest time. Through their music, they bridged generations and perspective, with celebration and love. I'm so glad we chose them, I am even more glad that they were available and so proud that they were there to celebrate our special day

Shelley & Jessica

I LOVE this band. They are exciting, tight, playing both old-school r&b, funk and soul AND up to date numbers; the energy never lagged, the band was SO fun to watch as well as dance to. It was my wedding day and I was exhausted, but I could NOT. STOP. DANCING. They even emailed me beforehand to ask what song we wanted for our first dance, and gave me suggestions. And any band that has that much fun on stage should be at your wedding. Great value! Plus, we're as queer as the band is, which is lovely to have that reflection of our community on stage.

Patti & Emilie

When we envisioned getting married, we always imagined having Queer As Funk as part of the day. We are longtime fans of their music (greatest dance band in town!), their politics and the band members as people. Everything about working with them exceeded our expectations. They were flexible, professional, full of great song suggestions and ideas, and most importantly their music was exquisite. We strongly recommend them for any occasion.

Mira & Stepan

The main thing we wanted for our wedding guests was to have a fabulous experience and enjoy celebrating our love with us. We knew that having a fabulous live band would do just that. I really can't think of any band better than Queer As Funk. They routinely have had sold out shows that myself and friends have attended, and I couldn't believe they did weddings! They have a large range in the way of era's of music, so there is definitely something for all folks. Their music is high energy - and so are the performers! It is seriously a top end private concert for you and your guests. How often do you see a horn section live on stage these days?!
The liaison for the band - Alison - was very quick to respond and made me feel like I was in extremely capable hands. They were able to accommodate all our needs with set up, sound check, working with the venue - and we even booked the incredible DJ Slade for in between sets and after the band. All in all a killer experience. People still talk to us about how amazing that band was and if they are touring and can see them again. Queer as Funk was definitely the highlight of the night - other than marrying the love of my life of course!

Jacqueline & Mike

Queer as Funk was the absolute highlight of our wedding. Such talent, such energy, such a great party! They have so much fun on stage, but not even close to how much we were having listening and dancing to them. Highly recommend.

Allison & Oran

Queer as Funk is amazing! We got married last year and our guests are still raving about how wonderful the band was. Anyone planning a wedding knows that there can be a lot of things to be nervous about, however the music was not one of them. Alison , the band leader was always quick to get back to me if I had any questions and was great to work with. My wife and I are huge fans of Queer of Funk, so we knew that our guests were going to have a blast and they did. Both of us were so appreciative of the band's professionalism and awesome personality. The music was fantastic, lots of old Motown songs, mixed in with today's pop song as well. Queer as Funk was a hit with every single guest, everyone had so much fun; my wife's uncle asked us at the next concert if we could get him a band t-shirt, and of course we did. We highly, highly recommend Queer as Funk! If someone were to ask us what was the best decision we made for our wedding, we would say it was hiring Queer as Funk

Kelly & Jess

From the moment Clare and I first heard "Queer As Funk" play at the Dyke March, we knew they were the band we wanted for our wedding. We booked QAF before we even decided on our venue and it was the best decision we made! They are hands down the best (only) choice if you are looking for a band for your wedding. Snappiest dressers, strongest vocals, buckets full of soul & talent in abundance. Make sure your guests have their dancing shoes on as QAF will keep the party going all night long!

Clare & Amanda

I don’t quite have the words to express how grateful we are that you folks played music at our wedding. Honestly, you sounded amazing, you looked like $1 million bucks, and it was so much an honour for us to get to treat our loved ones to your music. People have not stopped talking about it and whenever we think back to the wedding, you folks are a highlight. The first dance was spectacular and so were both your sets. Sally, that drum solo made us smile so big! Love to you all and thanks again for bringing more magic to our wedding.

Hayfa & Liza

Queer as Funk was amazing at our wedding in September 2015. The guests all agreed QAF were the best band they’d ever seen at a wedding. The band was very professional in arranging for set up/sound check/break down, and was readily available for questions as we got closer to the Big Day. We love their energy and set list, including a willingness to play our first dance song to open the first set, not to mention a wicked Hora.  They looked so sharp in their suits, they fit right in to our wedding party. I would recommend QAF for any celebration!


What other band can get dozens of small-town-born, predominantly straight-laced baby boomers to sweat through their clothes and shout QUEER! AS! FUNK YOU UP! along to some hecka tightly-played tunes? Correct, no other band.

Missy Clarkson

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